Well everyone, it's here. The rebrand.

I'm writing this to you all from my bedroom floor at 3am the night before the drop (leave it to me to finish this last min). 

I wanted to open up to you guys about what this whole process has truly meant to me. 

A few months ago, I fell out of love with Indie & Oliver, as a matter of fact, I resented it. I felt as if it wasn't me. It wasn't mine. Wasn't me.

You see, I started this business as a creative outlet exactly one year ago. Over this first year I lost control. I didn't like my brand, my products, anything. I needed to decide what to do. Did I want to walk away from Indie or was I going to save it? Clearly I saved it. 

What I came to realize was that when I started, this was all about what I wanted. Over time, it turned into what I thought everyone else wanted. 


Do it for you! If you walk through life creating something you don't love and you aren't passionate about just for everyone else...what would happen if they were all gone the next morning? Well, shit. Now you're stuck with this thing that you don't even like. That? That's Trash.

While making it for everyone else, I resented the business. I had to shift my mindset and do some soul searching and figure out what it really meant to me. 

It hit me, the community. You guys. I have been SO fortunate to have met so many of you through events, ambassador programs, the model calls. I genuinely love every single one of you and I have loved being a part of the community that we built and watching you guys all build relationships over this past year. How could I walk away from a power like that? 

So I would like to present to you: Indie & Oliver. 

the way I imagined it. 

and me, Meg. The way I am. Raw, uncut, real.

I love you all so much. Thank you for an amazing first year.